Short-term help or comprehensive research and negotiation

Belle Property buyer’s agents represent the buyer in the property transaction. Our buyer’s agents have specialist real estate training and extensive property market knowledge.

Buyers benefit not only from help with the research and selection of suitable properties but also, strong negotiating skills, which our team have developed over many years in their real estate careers.

A Belle Property buyer’s agent will:

  • Clarify and refine the buyer’s criteria
  • Search for (and shortlist) properties that match
  • Conduct in-depth suburb and area analysis
  • Identify the true value of each property
  • Arrange building and pest inspections, strata and title searches
  • Negotiate with the real estate sales agent or property developer
  • Bid at auction on the buyer’s behalf

Our buyer’s agents can assist with specific stages of the home buying process or provide comprehensive support and act as a guide through the entire buying journey from beginning to end.

Analysis and research

Most property buyers purchase only one or two properties in a lifetime. At Belle Property, all our buyer’s agents have extensive property market experience and are qualified real estate professionals in their own right.

With greater access to market research, alongside extensive experience evaluating properties, our buyer’s agents identify prime locations that offer profitable investment opportunities and desirable homes.

Belle Property buyer’s agents evaluate each property to ascertain its true value helping to ensure that each investment decision is sound. Our buyer’s agents will take a more strategic approach to secure a property.

Engaging qualified experts

Our buyer’s agents can assist with the appointment of financial and legal advisors, from engaging a mortgage broker or conveyancer at the start of the buying process


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