Access superior knowledge and expertise

Belle Property Buyer’s Advisory fees are outlined upfront with the following two choices depending on the service chosen;

1. Agree to an initial flat fee payment plus commission (calculated as a percentage of the home purchase price) or
2. Pay a fixed fee at the start of our engagement,

Fixed and flat fees are paid in advance of the home buying process commencing. Commissions are generally paid once an unconditional contract is entered into.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that Belle Property buyer’s agents do not accept commissions or any other form of financial incentive from 3rd parties such as real estate sales agents, developers or home sellers. Our fees are derived solely from the home buyer, ensuring that our clients best interests remain front of mind at all times.

Our fees cover our expertise, time and expenses. Beyond these costs, it’s worth considering the opportunity cost of not using a buyer’s agent.

Opportunity costs

With a large proportion of homes sold off-market (without being advertised to the general public), we give you access to more premium properties than the average home buyer.

Our superior market knowledge, ability to estimate a realistic price for each property, and skilled negotiation techniques ensure homes are sourced and secured in record-time, with minimum research expense and no over-payment on price.

Our expertise saves you from pursuing properties that are outside your price bracket, which in turn saves you the expense of buildings and pest reports or contract reviews on properties you won’t win.

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