Secure a better property deal

Sales agents are legally obliged to act in the best interests of their clients. Their primary responsibility is to get the best price for the seller. Having a buyer’s agent on your side levels the playing field.

Negotiating home prices with sales agents

When negotiating property prices, it’s wise to get professional help from a buyer’s agent. Belle Property buyer’s agents are skilled in navigating all sales methods, from off-market negotiations to private treaty sales and public auctions.

Our buyer’s agents enter into each property negotiation with full knowledge of the property, its condition, and market value. This comprehensive knowledge helps our team gain the upper hand in negotiations.

Property negotiation mistakes

At Belle Property Advisory, we ensure that every property is well researched so that the submitted offer is neither too high nor too low – because a realistic bid gives a buyer the greatest chance of securing the deal.

Price is not the only area of negotiation that can help secure the perfect property. For example, our buyer’s agents can negotiate a longer or shorter settlement period which could make the offer more attractive to the home seller.


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